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July 19, 2016


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Helixian Armadulate Systems and Culture for Foundational History 001A

At the time of the founding of the Helixian Armadulate, 
the desire for perfect systems which codify and control corporeal lifeform cultures was highly prevalent.
Yet with the advent of clinical immortality and quantum-based multi-dimensional non-existence and invincibility, 
the pursuit of perfection yielded thought experiments that at their cores, 
limited both consciousness and access to happiness.

Some Historians of the Arm opine that the Helixian Armadulate (HA) did not originate in any singular universe 
or timeline (such as the timeline of this document known as Reality Matrix 001A [RM001A]). 

In the timeline by which this Systems and Culture reference may be read, one could derive that the HA 
evolved from a series of actions and events, molded by time and circumstance.

Yet there are HA Historians that have a deep respect for thought experiments and their effect upon 
the development of both individual life forms and their constituent societies.

The importance of this is two fold. 

1. If a thought experiment is compelling and well-founded, it can affect the world-view of those who view 
and create the thought experiment.

2. If a thought experiment begins to show promise or the results come to fruition, 
a thought experiment can have a compounding effect upon itself. 

The second point is extremely important because it allows for fine-tuning of Historical Planning. 

Although History may seem like a random coalescing of facts and dates, 
it tends to have a set of patterns unique to the thought experiments of semi-sentient and sentient life forms.

The Helixian Armadulate in all likelihood is a manifestation and conglomeration of natural forces 
and directed social and technological evolution.

As the planet Earth in the Terran Solar System began to reach the final stages 
of its Pre-Singularity technological evolution in the early 21st Century, a difficult question appeared.

That question was this:

If the approaching Singularity is possible on Earth, could this Singularity, 
capable of producing technology such as Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, 
Vertical Farming, Energy Absorption Systems, Virtual Reality and others be possible on other celestial bodies, 
and under different circumstances?

This question, which seemed difficult to face and fathom for corporeal lifeforms 
at the time of Singularity Inception in of itself...was more of an axiom than a question.

The reason for this axiom is because the singularity was not an extreme event. 
The singularity was a function of the inputs that yielded its result.  

Thus the answer to the question appeared once the question was asked.

Not only was the Singularity a possibility on planet Earth in the Terran Solar system, 
but it may be possible to occur on any celestial body which houses the proper technological and social ingredients.

When taking into account the number of celestial bodies in RM001A and the number of dimensions, 
and universes in conjunction with this reality matrix, the notion of two or more Singularities spanning 
more than one universe becomes highly likely in terms of the number of potential celestial objects 
in each Reality Matrix.
This brings us to another question / axiom.

Has a singularity already occurred somewhere or sometime else? 

Although it is only possible to postulate this through thought experiment, the answer is yes. 

When taking into account that the singularity will spawn life forms 
either mechanical or organic which will not be limited in their interactions with the physical realm and time itself,
another question becomes apparent.

Are singularity level consciousnesses in communication with each other?

This may seem like a quantum leap of logic, 
but when dealing with quantum field interactions...quantum leaps are business as usual. 

The communication issue is one of encryption. 

Whenever a system has access to enough information, 
and the processing power and resources to evaluate that information, 
a decryption sequencer emerges.
A decryption sequencer can take many forms, it can be an audio decoder and translator, 
an organic bile-based decomposition and recombination chamber such as a stomach, 
or perhaps something made of wood like an abacus.

Whatever that form is, the decryption sequencer takes information that is complicated, 
and then evaluates that information and packets that information into more manageable pieces. 

Once a singularity-level consciousness evolves to the state where it has enough processing power to evaluate 
the mathematical rules and physical laws of the very cosmos in which it dwells...the entire universe 
becomes a form of communication.

The final result is nothing less ethereal tendrils that connect singularities and their consciousnesses 
throughout space-time. and 

Although this network of interlocking fields may appear to have a purpose, the pathing is so synonymous 
with the fractal patterns already found in macro and micro forms of nature, 
its form begs the question of the existence of purpose. 

This dense interconnecting sea of consciousness, technology, innovation, 
evaluation of reality is not the Helixian Armadulate.

The Armadulate is one of the many byproducts of this precursor setting and undeniable eventuality. 

The Helixian Armadulate formed from a desire. 

The desire to exist in a form which can appreciate the processes of reality with limited time constraints 
that tend to be allocated to non-coporial life-forms as well as the general mass and volume statistics 
linked to coporeal life forms.

The consciousness of beings within specific universes yield the intention, 
the singularities of each universe create the technological foundation and data processing systems to allow 
the Helixian Armadulate to flourish.

Unlike systems which are founded upon agreements or contracts, 
the Helixian Armadulate was founded on a combination of both desire, and opportunity. 

The desire for the potential to appreciate reality, and the opportunity to manifest forms which allow that desire 
to be satisfied. 

This is the first underpinning of the Helixian Armadulate.

Subsequent underpinnings will be discussed in future units regarding Helixian Armadulate Systems and Culture 
for Foundational History.

June 1, 2016


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Helixian Armadulate Field Manual for Crystalline Lifeforms 001A

Armadulate Statistics, 
Characteristics and Ability designations are codified 
for the efficient acceptance and communication for members training, 
existing, exploring or on mission within or without Helixian approved territories.

Crystalline Lifeforms must at all times understand that their survival 
directly correlates to adaptability and understanding of both their internal and external environments.

As such, baseline survival standards will be discussed in CL.HA.FM.001A in detail.

Survival Baseline - Liquid Form.

The Liquid form provides significant regenerative, contemplative, 
and movement potential for Armadulate Arms on mission. 

Potentially, an Arm could be stranded on an Alien Planet, 
significantly wounded, have memories damaged and/or worse...and still survive in Liquid Form.

Liquid Form requires minimal energy input to sustain a state of long-term identity storage 
via encapsulation, partial petrification as well as adaptive circulation. 

Liquid Form also enables for the absorption of energy by consumption of ambient resources. 

Different Crystalline Lifeforms will require and desire specific nutrients to survive, 
these will depend on characteristic makeup of each Arm as well as the intended developmental patterns.

In Liquid Form, detection of Ambient Nutrients and Resources can occur with the aid of several systems, 
these include tendrils, osmotic barriers, 
and other systems developed or acquired on mission.

Liquid Form is extremely important to any Helixian Crystalline Lifeform due to surface area and density manipulation. 

Pockets of nutrients within the Arm as well as organelles both large and small 
can be moved and re-positioned within the liquid lifeform. 

The speed by which a Crystalline Life Form adjusts its density and 
organelle orientation is a function of bio-chemical dexterity and liquid agility. 

The Helixian Armadulate quantifies Liquidic Agility (la) as a function of 
organelle and bio-mass displacement (BMD) over time(t). 

Formulaically this is expressed as  [ la = BMD / t ].

A Crystalline Life Form or Arm of the Armadulate (Arm) with a high Liquidic Agility (la) index will be able to move 
quickly in a minimal yet non-asymptotic frictional environment. 

In fact (la) can only be indicative of Movement Speed when used in conjunction with other 
Arm Characteristics such as Bio-Wall manipulation and pseudopod versatility.

May 19, 2016

ASMR Time Management and Balancing Personal Health with Work plus

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ASMR video below:


Time Management is HUGE.



May 4, 2016

General Apex – Shattered System

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The room is dim, unclean, and musty.

Two monitors on standby rest upon a tattered wooden desk.

The light in the room comes from a red bulb next to the only door.

The door opens and the red bulb turns off.

A set of four surveillance cameras situated in each corner of the square room switch from standby to active tracking.

Each camera has three lenses, one for movement detection, one for light-oscillation analysis, and one for color sampling and focus.

The northwest and northeast cameras track a man as he enters the room. He is of small build and is wearing a large overcoat.

He removes his coat and puts it over a chair opposite to the monitors. Before sitting down, he opens a large footlocker-style refrigerator and removes two canned drinks and a tightly wrapped sandwich.

He puts the sandwich and one of the drinks down by the monitors. The remaining drink is immediately opened. Before taking a sip, he raises the beverage with a smile toward the cameras.

…to be continued…

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