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August 9, 2009


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Welcome to Overidon Music

Here you can download music from the overidon band!


Click here to play/download mp3's of overidon music

If you are a music artist then I encourage you to download music project files and remix the music yourself!

Most projects are created using Fruity Studio and Reason so if you have those programs then have fun remixing the music. Make sure to send your remixed project files to entity@overidon.com so we can post them here to create a music network!

Here is the first track for download. It is a simple song called Forrest Stride. It was made with Fruity studio 8. Click on the picture of the forrest to download the mp3.

Forrest Stride mp3 Download

Forrest Stride mp3 Download

Click on the picture of the project file in order to download the project files for Forrest Stride.

Forrest Stride Project Files

Forrest Stride Project Files


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