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October 15, 2016

Preparation for Squirrel

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Perhaps my existence has become synonymous.

The land and the king may be one. But my subservience to the many has drained me, only to be renewed on a daily basis…just enough.

It was such hubris and perhaps slothlike greed which made me want to withold technologies such as Rocketless Semi-orbital Satellite Insertion.

Monetize, what a joke.

How could I ever monetize a system which will require several lifetimes to complete.

…especially at my rate of development.

Although I must say confining options has proven extremely effect for creative construction. This of course hasn’t come by any stretch of will-power or spiritual fortitude of myself.

On the contrary my most recent leaps in progress have been due to the destruction quite by accident and attrition of my primary computer.

Perhaps a simpler maze is all that is required for one to find a complex solution. Or maybe it isn’t about the maze being simpler, maybe it’s about segmenting the maze.

Quantized units of struggle that test rather than antagonize. And when the test taker quits…antagonize rather than test.

And even with all the encouraging progress that people have had with urban farming, vertical agriculture and open source technologies…one would think I’d be both hopeful and happy.

And of course I am.

But there is a fruitlessness to it all.

Why push the envelope when the letter is never going to be sent in the first place?

I guess emotions are challenging because the same ones that allow for rapid development are the same ones that are painful to activate.


That’s been my Achilles heel for years. It doesn’t matter how good an idea or item is, bad packaging is bad packaging.

My raw, unpolished packaging and perhaps attitude is probably going to hold me back forever.

It’s been two months and I haven’t even put all my paintings up.

The last time I was in this position was…11 years ago.

I think I can manage much better now, but it’s different. Loneliness isn’t there, I think the internet quite sickly defeated loneliness a long time ago.

There is still frustration and apathy. But compared to loneliness, those emotions are like bugs, squashed after a good night’s sleep and a bowl of cereal.

I can remember what loneliness felt like then, it was so strange. There is this urge to seek outward rather than dig in and create.

Feeling cold, that’s a terrible feeling. If MECE did anything for me, removing that cold feeling definitely has value. A cold that no flame can warm.

No hearth can melt. A cold that aches and tears apart until there are no structures left to resist the abyss.

Yep, glad I’m done with that one.

Yet what is left?

If I age too quickly and don’t achieve anything, will my life be a waste?

What would my mitochondria say about this?

Edits, communication, sacrifice, modification, growth, consumption, explanation, work, contraction, rest…these are all valid methods.

What do these all have in common? They all seem to be active words. Active little mitochondria…it’s no wonder.

Rest, even rest…maybe that’s the link in the chain.


March 1, 2014

Wind and Change

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Wind and Change

Wind and Change

I really shouldn’t be writing right now.

But there’s something about how the wind is blowing through my window. It reminds me of when I was in Venice, Italy.

I was staying in a nice hotel. I had the room to myself. It was one of those extremely old hotels where there is a garden courtyard and the furniture is exquisite. But the rooms themselves were much smaller than what one would consider a 4 or 5 star hotel in the USA. Yet the room had this feeling of, “peacefulness” that I haven’t really experienced again until…right now really.

It was early in the morning, and the wind was lightly gusting against my window. It wasn’t cold, it wasn’t warm. It was just a morning, just a day.

I decided to walk downstairs and look at the flowers and plants in the courtyard. There were several different types of plants, all beautiful. They smelled great without being overpowering.

Even though there was a swinging place to sit, I didn’t sit down. I just wanted to take in all the scents, absorb the new surroundings. There is something special about not caring about the information, just accepting the information. After getting slightly tired I decided to go back inside.

My family and I went on a few adventures throughout that day. Getting food getting coffee. Things like that.

Later, in the evening, I went back to my room.

It wasn’t dark out yet, but I felt good and I wanted to rest. It’s that best kind of rest that is neither torpor from a large meal, nor oblivion cast upon oneself due to exhaustion…it was the gentle preparation for sleep that one feels while relaxing upon nature. It was the summons of drifting sleep that only peacefulness can provide.

As I began to drift, I felt someone’s presence in the room. I hadn’t heard the door open, so I was confused. And I always close the door behind myself when I’m in a hotel.

There was a strong emotion emanating, it was both comforting and concerned.

I pretended that I was not noticing the other mind that was in the room. My head was on the pillow and I was on my side facing the wall…and I kept both eyes closed. Even though I couldn’t see this person, I had a feeling by how she moved that she was female.

Then I remember hearing her saying something comforting…something that would help me sleep.

As her body moved onto the bed, I stayed completely still. I felt the pressure of another person, yet she was very light…strangely light.

As her left hand began to touch my back and move up toward my arm…my right hand was already there. It was crossed over to the left arm, and I did not move it.

Finally, when her hand began to press against my arm, I pinched her hand.

I pinched her hand and held her finger there. It stayed for about two seconds. I wanted to see her. So I turned my head and opened my eyes.

There was nothing there.

And the door was open.


February 24, 2014

Deciding and the Jem Hadar

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Walrus to the rescue

Walrus to the rescue

This article will make no sense to you if:

A. You are female. (Nothing personal this just has to do with male physiology). [maybe it will make sense if you’re a doctor]

B. You haven’t been keeping up with our MECE posts.

C. You have not watched the bulk of Star Trek Deep Space 9 TV Show back in the 1990’s.


There is this specific point in cultivation where potential seems to justify and support indecision.

Don’t fall for it.

It is much better to reset an energy cultivation cycle, and be productive.

I personally know when this is happening when I’ve been cultivating for over a month, and then a big idea pops into my mind, “Hey! Let’s start a NEW PROJECT!”

Don’t do it.

Finish the projects you have.

Finish what’s on your proverbial plate.

The whole energy cultivation process is here so we can actually get work done. We are not designed to bask in the pleasure of pure potentiality.

Let me explain by analogy:

The Jem Hadar from Star Trek had these tubes in their necks. They could contain and absorb Ketracel White and this substance could fuel a Jem Hadar soldier for days.

There is nothing different from Ketracel White and the process of Energy Cultivation. It’s all chemical. Eventually if you’re a man and you cultivate for over a month. You WILL start to feel good.

You’ll start to have basic improved memory. Slightly improved ability to work on the computer without eye strain. Improved ability to stay on your feet and/or work on projects for a longer duration.

That’s all well and good. But the problem is that eventually, the cultivation becomes a type of goal in of itself. But it’s not. It’s just a raft.

The reason why we’re here is to help people. And it’s not about simply enjoying the ride.

So here’s the reason for this article/post:

I finished a Java tutorial series and did quite well with it. But I was having trouble “deciding” what to work on next. I kept having old projects pop into my mind that were like skeletons peeking trough the distance.

After a few days I realized that I was spending more time, “deciding” on what to do next than the actual project might take to complete!

So that’s when I put my foot down and said, “Nope.” And I felt like a walrus.

Instead of starting a brand new project that would take days. I decided to continue with my training on Java and do a detailed tutorial on making a “snake” game. Then I’m going to finish the tutorials on intermediate Android programming. And then I’m going to see if I can apply what I learned in the Java in making a custom Android app.

That was the point of the cultivation in the first place. I wanted to learn something.

If you’re doing something in your life, you can’t always expand in all directions all the time. Sometimes a stand needs to take place and energy needs to be directed and used in order to get work done.



February 2, 2014

Symbolic Concentration and Idolatry

Filed under: Philosophy,Products for Sale,Tyler's Mind — Tyler @ 7:51 pm

Here at Overidon.com we have a major choice.

With the advent of Tyler’s skills in both 3D Computer Art and also computer programming, we can now begin to create advanced products.

These products will range from the ornate and spiritual…to the coveted and the arcane. But where is the line?

Where does one draw the line between sculptures and trinkets meant to let the mind focus and relax?

When does a knick-knack become a tool for idolatry?

Those who know Tyler Jaggers already know that he is an eccentric Catholic with influences and interests in Buddhism, Ancient Sumerian art and mythology, Qabbalistic teachings as well as Euclidean geometry.

He feels that the Old Testament teaching of the golden calf makes perfect sense in this situation. When the chosen tribe was faced with fear and despair, some of them chose to melt down their golden jewelry and other trinkets in order to create a golden calf.

This golden calf was not a tool for them to worship their already chosen God. It was an alternative idol in order for them to worship a different god who they felt might bring them favor in their troubled time.

In this type of situation, would Tyler consider this idolatry?

The real question would be, were they praying through the calf? Or were they praying TO the calf?

Since this blog post is not a scholarly article on ancient Hebrew texts, let us for the sake of argument say that it is not historically clear one way or the other.

From the perspective of Tyler Jaggers, if the tribe chose a new god, and simply prayed to that god with the focusing assistance of the calf…then the calf was not idolatry, because it was just a symbolic medium for communication.

But if the tribe actually prayed to the calf as if the sculpture itself had divine power, then in all likelihood they were engaging in idolatry.

So this brings us back to the original question. Where do we draw the line as a provider of solutions, and a business?

It is the perspective of Tyler Jaggers and the official direction of Overidon.com that the American people are mature enough to acquire jewelry, knick-knacks, sculptures, and other 3D media without engaging in idolatry.

Our company and our investors want to give our customers the choice of new products which go beyond simple music and text entertainment. It is our desire to fulfill these consumer needs.

Therefore it is important that our viewers, subscribers and customers understand that these new products are being constructed with sensitivity, skill and respect. Overidon.com affirms that we are here for our customers and every construction although they may seem controversial, are made to satisfy specific consumer needs.




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