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May 17, 2012

Site Updated to Latest Athapula Version

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Overidon.com is now running the latest version of the excellent WordPress Theme: Athapula.

The transfer of data and all core backups went successfully.



March 16, 2012

New Facebook Page for Overidon is now online

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Check it out:




March 4, 2012


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vampire lord

vampire lord - Half Vampire, Half Lord...ALL COP

TODAY IS VAMPIRE LORD REMEMBRANCE DAY: If you know a Vampire Lord in your area which has recently departed, drink some grape juice in honor of Vampire Lord Remembrance Day. Think of all the times you had visiting the creaky double doors while trick-or-treating and the fun you had triple checking to see if the gargoyle eyes were “really” watching you as you crossed the street. (IF YOU ARE OUT OF GRAPE JUICE IT IS OK TO RE-POST INSTEAD)


July 3, 2011

overidon.com converts to 2 column setup

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Overidon.com is now converted into a two column setup. The reason for this is so visitors from mobile devices and laptops are able to view the site with minimal clutter and maximum viewable space.

An advantage for desktop visitors is that the main page will display information in a more organized manner. And it will be easier for visitors with small and even large monitors to choose the articles of their interest with greater ease.

All site functions have now been moved to the left column. These functions include the Recent Posts, Time Index, and Central Archives. All functions such as the Security Matrix etc. that were originally on the left column as still there, in working order.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy the transition.


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