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September 22, 2017

Double Memory Available now on Steam

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Double Memory is now available on Steam.

It is 40% off for the first week. The sale end Sunday, September 24th, 2017.

After that Double Memory will be $0.99 USD.


This is the Memory game that you won’t be able to stop playing till you beat all 21 stages.

The game sounds simple:

Memorize the locations of cards then match card pairs.

Yet as the number of cards increase in subsequent stages, you’ll have to push your memory to make matches.

Inspired by 1990’s pre-rendered graphics and bulletin board games, Double memory focuses on casual gameplay and challenge.

Every level is separated into three stages.

After completing a warmup stage, you’ll be faced with Limited Attempts.

During Limited Attempts, three incorrect card matches will force you to try again. Don’t worry, there are as many continues as you need. The goal is to concentrate and quickly memorize card locations.

After beating a Limited Attempts stage, you’ll move onto Timed Attempts.

In a Timed Attempts stage, not only are you challenged with a maximum of two incorrect matches, but you also have only 25 seconds to complete all matches.

The first few stages will be easy, but as more cards are introduced into the mix, Double Memory becomes a real challenge.

You’re invited to push your memory to its limits in…Double Memory.


January 6, 2015

overidonTV is finally on TWITCH.tv

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Art Tutorials for game designers and gaming playthroughs (Let's Plays) will be the focus of the twitch.tv/overidontv channel

Art Tutorials for game designers and gaming playthroughs (Let’s Plays) will be the focus of the twitch.tv/overidontv channel


It is a big day today for overidon.com. We’re standing at a threshold really…this threshold isn’t to extreme wealth or fame, but it is a threshold to productivity.

After a major development with one of our sponsors, a new machine has enabled Tyler to now do TWITCH.tv streaming. Our channel for streaming is http://www.twitch.tv/overidontv and this is very exciting.

The new machine allows this website to focus on production on multiple fronts at the same time. So now there is currently a Hexen II video being uploaded while Tyler is simultaneously working on an Android App project.

The Twitch.tv channel is important because it is a great way for users to tune-in to the gaming and art process of overidonTV. Followers to the http://www.twitch.tv/overidontv channel will also get a little notification if they wish whenever a live broadcast by overidonTV is in progress.

Also, in terms of video production, this new Twitch machine has enabled overidon.com to make more professional intro videos and endcards. An example of the new intro title video is at the beginning of the Previously Recorded live Twitch broadcast which is embedded below.


October 18, 2014

Donkey Levels is now available and on the Google Play Store

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Donkey Levels - Click the image to download the app from the Android Play Store

Donkey Levels – Click the image to download the app from the Android Play Store

Donkey Levels is an app made by Stimtrano Productions. My name is Tyler Jaggers and I’m part of Stimtrano Productions.

As the Lead Programmer and Developer of Donkey Levels I can easily say it has been a complete pleasure working with Jeffrey Chao our Executive Producer.

Jeffrey has manifested his vision of creating an app where YOU are the main character in leveling up Physical and Mental stats.

One day at a Pho’ restaurant a few months ago, Jeffrey came to me with the idea of Donkey Levels. We had some basic concepts of a progress bar for hiking and swimming, but there was more to the picture.

Donkey Levels was going to be an app that motivated people to do what they have always have ever wanted to do.

In games, the main character is often given the opportunity to track his or her progress or “level” with strength or dexterity. Also, the character can become stronger by working on basic skills. Leveling Up is a common theme in most modern Role Playing Games and it makes great fun.

In Donkey Levels, we have progress bars for:

Physical Stats

free weights
exercise machines
active work

Brain Power Stats

stimulating games
mental math
critical thinking
organized planning


The user can track his or her development in any of these areas by simply pressing a button. Each button press correlates to Experience Points (xp) that helps the Donkey Leveler to have a visual representation of his or her real-world goals.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about releasing this app. Not only is it currently a Free App, but the developmental process itself has made me personally grow as a programmer and human being.

Download Donkey Levels today for Free from the Android Play Store by searching, “Donkey Levels” or use this url:




October 21, 2012

New Section Open and New Terms of Service

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Dear Overidon.com visitors and readers:

A new Programming section is open which will allow readers to learn about computer programming along with Tyler the webmaster.

Currently, Tyler is learning Javascript and Actionscript.

But before you jump into the programming section, you need to read and agree to the new Terms of Service.

Thank you and enjoy.


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