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October 9, 2016

Why are Spiritual Rules Tough

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Spiritual Rules are tough. They tend to require discipline and also can create cognitive dissonance. This video discusses some of these issues…


November 4, 2014

Sonic Attacks in Modern American Cinema

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Have you ever heard of tinnitus? It’s a strange “ringing” sensation in one’s ears. People usually get it after getting a knock on the head, overloaded by noise, or during an extreme headache such as a migraine.

Please note, the rest of this article may be disturbing to some readers.

It’s easy to tell if someone is experiencing tinnitus. All one has to do is simply turn the lights down low or off, and be in a quiet room. If one has tinnitus, a ringing sound will seem to come out of no-where. It can almost seem to come from within someone’s  own head.

Now, if one listens closely to this sound. It tends to have a definite tone, a type of frequency or “white noise” almost musical characteristic. It is very unpleasant. Yet we have heard this sound before…

If any American walks into a modern movie theater that is showing traditional First Run blockbusters and big studio productions, he or she will notice a type of fatigue after the film. This is more than just the flashing lights and loud booming sounds. Pay close attention to the films you watch…especially the ones that seem to fatigue the viewer at the end of the film. Over 80% of the films sampled in the last 2 years have had actual sonic attacks inside the films.

These Sonic Attacks are almost identical to tinnitus. The occurrences of these attacks are so common even across genres that it is almost obvious. But let’s spell it out in more detail.

The Best of Me – Romantic Drama – 2014 – Sonic attack after the main male character is blown from his Oil Rig

If I Stay – Young Adult / Drama – 2014 – Sonic attack during the scene where the main character is waking up after a car crash…only to realize that she is extremely hurt.

The Giver – Drama – 2014 – This film in particular is of special interest. The sonic attacks are much more subtle than the standard tinnitus sound in the above mentioned films…yet the attacks are far more frequent. Almost every scene where Jeff Bridges’ character delivers a “memory” includes a type of sonic attack. But what is specifically intriguing is how the city’s primary leader, played by Glen Close, gives the main character instructions that he is not allowed to take any medications for pain.

Man of Steel –  Sci-Fi /Action – 2013 – Several Sonic attacks, especially during Superman’s childhood, strangely enough after the “Oil Rig” explosion scene, (noticing a pattern here yet?) and several occurrences of sonic attacks during “helmet” scenes concerning the enemy characters being “overloaded” by sensory information

Divergent – Young Adult / Action – 2013 – When the main character is boxing, she gets badly injured and there is a short sonic attack. To the viewer it seems minor and is almost expected since she got hit. (NOTE: why are sounds which are often attributed to severe headaches being used in Mass Media entertainment?)

Avengers – Sci-Fi /Action – 2012 – During the scene where Iron Man, falls from the sky and is disoriented and almost comatose (or dead), a sonic attack occurs. This is only broken by a secondary sonic attack of screaming by the Hulk.

The Hulk – Sci-Fi/ Action – 2009 – This film is so riddled with sonic attacks it is almost beyond mentioning. The scene that should be paid extra attention to is the “University Skirmish” with the soldiers vs. the Hulk. In this scene trucks with large SPEAKERS pointed at the Hulk are used to attack the Hulk. If there is another film which more blatantly uses sound weaponization than please leave a comment below. We’d like to know.

Concluding thoughts:

1. Perhaps filmmakers are noticing better box-office profits for films that have sonic attacks as part of their audio tracks. This could be a product of American audiences’ propensity for self-punishment. Being sonically punished in groups could be a sort of bonding experience for young adults and adults.

2. Everything included in a film costs money. So nothing is done on accident.

3. This could be part of a bigger picture. People who are most resistant to sonic attacks tend to be people who are the least susceptible to headaches. This group can be further split into two categories: A. People who can’t hear very well and especially have trouble hearing nuances and subtle sounds in music and films. B. People who can hear normally, but whom have adapted to sonic attacks in modern life. Could these sonic attacks in Modern American Cinema be part of a bigger initiative for the conditioning of the American Populace? If this is so, what will the end result of this conditioning be?


February 24, 2014

Deciding and the Jem Hadar

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Walrus to the rescue

Walrus to the rescue

This article will make no sense to you if:

A. You are female. (Nothing personal this just has to do with male physiology). [maybe it will make sense if you’re a doctor]

B. You haven’t been keeping up with our MECE posts.

C. You have not watched the bulk of Star Trek Deep Space 9 TV Show back in the 1990’s.


There is this specific point in cultivation where potential seems to justify and support indecision.

Don’t fall for it.

It is much better to reset an energy cultivation cycle, and be productive.

I personally know when this is happening when I’ve been cultivating for over a month, and then a big idea pops into my mind, “Hey! Let’s start a NEW PROJECT!”

Don’t do it.

Finish the projects you have.

Finish what’s on your proverbial plate.

The whole energy cultivation process is here so we can actually get work done. We are not designed to bask in the pleasure of pure potentiality.

Let me explain by analogy:

The Jem Hadar from Star Trek had these tubes in their necks. They could contain and absorb Ketracel White and this substance could fuel a Jem Hadar soldier for days.

There is nothing different from Ketracel White and the process of Energy Cultivation. It’s all chemical. Eventually if you’re a man and you cultivate for over a month. You WILL start to feel good.

You’ll start to have basic improved memory. Slightly improved ability to work on the computer without eye strain. Improved ability to stay on your feet and/or work on projects for a longer duration.

That’s all well and good. But the problem is that eventually, the cultivation becomes a type of goal in of itself. But it’s not. It’s just a raft.

The reason why we’re here is to help people. And it’s not about simply enjoying the ride.

So here’s the reason for this article/post:

I finished a Java tutorial series and did quite well with it. But I was having trouble “deciding” what to work on next. I kept having old projects pop into my mind that were like skeletons peeking trough the distance.

After a few days I realized that I was spending more time, “deciding” on what to do next than the actual project might take to complete!

So that’s when I put my foot down and said, “Nope.” And I felt like a walrus.

Instead of starting a brand new project that would take days. I decided to continue with my training on Java and do a detailed tutorial on making a “snake” game. Then I’m going to finish the tutorials on intermediate Android programming. And then I’m going to see if I can apply what I learned in the Java in making a custom Android app.

That was the point of the cultivation in the first place. I wanted to learn something.

If you’re doing something in your life, you can’t always expand in all directions all the time. Sometimes a stand needs to take place and energy needs to be directed and used in order to get work done.



November 7, 2013

From Concentrate and From Concentration

Filed under: Observations — Tyler @ 9:20 pm
Think of the word, "Concentration" and the phrase, "from Concentrate"

Think of the word, “Concentration” and the phrase, “from Concentrate”

“This juice is from concentrate.”

“I need to concentrate on my homework.”

Words are important in our society because they convey levels of meaning with minimal effort and cost.

When we think, we think. Some people think hard. Other people think about nothing.

But when we concentrate…everyone concentrates the same way. There is a focusing of the eyes. Perhaps a slight furrowing of brow takes place.

What is truly happening when people concentrate on a subject?

Some might say that chemicals are being excreted by the brain…and that’s true.

Others might say that the body becomes tense, and that could be true as well.

But if it has to do with chemicals and tenseness, then why isn’t the act called, ex-something or synth-something. Concentration is already a word for something.

And that word means compression.

When one concentrates, he or she compresses her focus. She compresses the surface area of which shall be affected by her energy.

When an archer concentrates and examines a target from far away, everything outside of the target area goes out of focus. It is much like a predator lion stalking its prey. It zooms in on what is wants to see.

So there is compression in the first sense, narrowing the focus, onto something either mentally or physically tangible.

But there is another level to concentration. And this is what I think is not talked about in great enough detail.

When one concentrates, it does not happen inside the mind. It is throughout the entire body…and most especially in the head/face area.

The muscles in the face tighten, the brow furrows and then the brain…which resembles finely fitted tectonic plates above an irregular planet…becomes squeezed.

Our physical brains become compressed during the act of concentration.

But what is the product of this concentration?

For juices it is simple. If you squeeze berries or fruits. You get delicious juices. Some manufacturers makes juices, “from concentrate” so they squeeze a great deal of fruits together and freeze it in order to preserve the stuff. It’s not as fresh and fresh juice. It’s from concentrate.

But what about people? What do we make?

Well, from the picture above, it looks like there’s little cute organelles or perhaps sub-units in the brain. Some of them even have names, pituitary gland, pineal gland and so on. And if you look at their locations, well, those locations look pretty darn close to geometric compression points within the brain.

That’s just another way of saying, if you squeeze the brain in a semi-uniform way…the brain is going to put pressure at certain points more often than other points. It’s kind of like how when you crumple a piece of paper as hard or as densely as you can, it almost always squeezes into a spherical shape.

So maybe our brains make chemicals when they concentrate.


How dull.


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