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September 22, 2017

Double Memory Available now on Steam

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Double Memory is now available on Steam.

It is 40% off for the first week. The sale end Sunday, September 24th, 2017.

After that Double Memory will be $0.99 USD.


This is the Memory game that you won’t be able to stop playing till you beat all 21 stages.

The game sounds simple:

Memorize the locations of cards then match card pairs.

Yet as the number of cards increase in subsequent stages, you’ll have to push your memory to make matches.

Inspired by 1990’s pre-rendered graphics and bulletin board games, Double memory focuses on casual gameplay and challenge.

Every level is separated into three stages.

After completing a warmup stage, you’ll be faced with Limited Attempts.

During Limited Attempts, three incorrect card matches will force you to try again. Don’t worry, there are as many continues as you need. The goal is to concentrate and quickly memorize card locations.

After beating a Limited Attempts stage, you’ll move onto Timed Attempts.

In a Timed Attempts stage, not only are you challenged with a maximum of two incorrect matches, but you also have only 25 seconds to complete all matches.

The first few stages will be easy, but as more cards are introduced into the mix, Double Memory becomes a real challenge.

You’re invited to push your memory to its limits in…Double Memory.


December 7, 2014

List of Games that are cool with Lets Play

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Link to list of Friendly Let's Play games and developers

Link to list of Friendly Let’s Play games and developers

Let’s clarify one thing real quick. Let’s Play’s and the whole genre of TWITCH and the watch people game thing…it’s still in its infancy.

Yes, it is becoming more main stream.Yes, it is very fun to see your friends game.

Yes, there are many entertaining people out there who are probably more entertaining than many main-line celebrities.

But also….

YES, not being careful can probably cause problems for people who are either: A. On YouTube and want to maintain a proper copyright standing. (no copyright infringement marks) or B…

YES, stepping into the light of Let’s Play could potentially adversely affect a website or a website monetization scheme if they abuse copyrighted content that is not friendly to Let’s Players.

So what’s the solution? Are you just going to not follow your dream of Sharing your gaming experiences with the world? OF COURSE NOT!

Thanks to my YouTube and real life homeboy of “Ducknuck84” we got a list of games and game companies that are friendly to Let’s Players.

Check out the link to letsplaylist.wikia.com by clicking HERE.

Be forewarned. Just because there is a list on the internet with a bunch of games on it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own research.
Remember, these game companies can change their Terms of Service at any time. So my recommendation is that you choose a “Green” company that is friendly to Let’s Players and then check out their Terms of Service links related to Let’s Play gamers. If the site seems legit and the game is interesting to you…it might be a good match.

Overidon.com does not give legal advice so use any content you find from your research at your own risk. I’m just trying to get the word out, because as a webmaster and someone whose YouTube Channel is doing decently (not massive but I seem to still be in good standing) I’ve been personally a little apprehensive about putting any content that I’m not 100% sure isn’t going to trip up my copyright standing.

For example, I always wanted to make Let’s Plays of Half Life 2. But I always ASSUMED that Valve wouldn’t let me monetize the content. To my surprise, Valve seems to be Let’s Play friendly after I searched around that Wiki that I mentioned earlier. I found a link to their respective information at the link which you can see by clicking HERE. So it seems that after reading their YouTube agreement that Valve would actually be OK with a Half Life 2 Let’s Play…I had no idea. That goes to show that proper research trumps assumption every time.

Another thing that I want to mention before you go bust out your Fraps and your Webcam (O.x) is that this is definitely uncharted territory for digital media content creators. Some people are having their Twitch feeds, “muted” because certain streams are playing copyrighted music in the background. That’s a tricky situation due to sonic tagging. As a general rule of thumb, it seems that people who listen to original music or copyright free music during their feeds tend to have an easier time. Turning on Pandora isn’t necessarily going to get a Twitch feed muted…but it could. This is especially true if any of that music is audible during the feed or the YouTube video. Remember, even small levels of audio can trigger a copyright violation so be careful and have fun!

Happy gaming!


PS: Thanks again to Ducknuck84 who is a pro at this indie/Let’s play gaming community information. This article wouldn’t be possible without his input.




September 26, 2014

Low Skill Level Basic Sven Build

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Basic Sven Guide - Item and Skill Build

Basic Sven Guide – Item and Skill Build

This build is for Low Skill Level players. It is very easy because it gives you extra mana for your stuns. It also doesn’t put much emphasis on the Warcry speed buff early game. This will give new players less multi-tasking to worry about.

Here’s the link to the guide on Steam so you can see the icons and other details.

But this page will have a detailed more Big Picture discussion on the build.

When a Sven lanes with a partner…he often is wanted to stun. Well, his stun Storm Hammer is expensive. It’s 140 mana to cast the hammer. The problem is that Sven starts with 182 mana when he is level 1. But if you get a few iron branches, you’ll have enough mana for 2 casts off the bat.

I like getting the Power treads or the Phase Boots both are good for Sven. But if you get the power treads, you will have a lot of extra strength as well as attack speed.

If you get Power Treads, make sure to get The Blink Dagger. Because you won’t have enough speed to close most enemies. This is especially true if you wait to get WarCry as I suggest.

The reason why stats are important in early Sven games is because it will help you last hit. Hit area of effect (AOE) cleave damage is only good once you start doing a great deal of damage. So wait until level 6 to get cleave.

Vladmir’s Offering is a great item of Sven. It gives you leech, it increases your damage, it’s inexpensive, it gives mana regen…and armor! All for less than 2500 gold. This item is great even if there is a Wraith King on your team. The aura’s stack.

But I wouldn’t get 2 Vladmir’s Offerings if you team already has one. An example would be if you got an Abadon or a Juggernaut that may be getting Vlads. Just ask them if they’re getting it. A good indicator that someone is getting Vlads would be if you see a strength hero getting the Ring of Basilius. That’s one of the main components of Vlads and it is also part of the Ring of Aquila. The reason why its a good indicator for Vlads if it is on a Strength hero…is that the Ring of Aquila adds a considerable amount of Agility. So there’s really no reason to add heavy agility items like Aquila on a strength hero, so the Basilius must be aimed at Vlads.

Here’s the big question: Blink Dagger or Not to Blink Dagger…

This all depends on your level of comfort with blinking into combat. I’d definitely recommend getting a Black King Bar for the magic immunity if you are going to blink. Blinking into combat without magic immunity can be costly for Sven. The reason for this is that he is often first-targeted, even though he is usually somewhat tanky.

Check your team synergy with Sven before jumping into blink. If you already have an initiator like Tidehunter, then you can get Heart of Tarrasque early or perhaps Sange and Yasha in combination with Monkey King Bar or perhaps, the Skull Basher (Stun Hammer). This can help you be the mop up person to seal the deal with your initiator.

More often than not, your team will require you to be the initiator regardless of your comfort level with Blink Dagger. Therefore, it is good for you to learn how to blink as soon as possible. If you accidentally blink into a bunch of trees, your teammates will get frustrated with you quickly. If you’re bad at blinking, you might want to get a quelling blade. I’ve pooched so many blinks…

The two Stun Hammers are excellent on Sven. I’m talking about the Monkey King Bar that looks like a gold stick…and also the Skull Basher. Since Sven can dish out a lot of damage, being able to stun the enemy with your normal attacks is excellent. This turns Sven into a character that has one of the best ranged stuns in the game, “Storm Hammer” into a machine that has non-stop stuns. Since his Storm Hammer has a low cool-down, and the Monkey King Bar and/or Skull Bashers have low cool downs on attack, Sven can control a 1 on 1 or even a teamfight if he effectively pulls off his stuns and stays in the fray.

With the Vlads in conjunction with the Sven ultimate skill of “God’s Strength” he will be able to leech back much of his lost health.

You have probably heard about using blink dagger in conjunction with the mask that increases attack speed. This is a great build, and it is beyond excellent. I concede that. My only problem with this build for beginners, is that it increases the damage Sven takes when he is hit. So unless you’ve already farmed a BKB for magic immunity…there’s a good chance you’ll just get first-targeted and then end up in the resurrection queue.

Don’t forget Daedalus for a late game item…the item in conjunction with Sven’s ultimate makes the Sven character laugh and make a comment in the actual game. He says something like, “Ha! Daedalus! Too easy” I’m not sure.

But the critical strike in conjunction with God’s Strength is amazing. I’d just make sure to have some hit points also…because too many newbie Sven players go all damage and have no hit points. And then they wonder why they’re getting picked off.

In conclusion, for this Low Skill Level Build, remember to think about whether or not you are comfortable with Blink Dagger first…then build your character around that decision. And make sure to eventually get Black King Bar for magic immunity regardless of the Blink Choice.  Also, one or more of the Stun Maces will help you tremendously.

Thank you for reading this guide, and here’s a link to the guide on Steam:



May 11, 2014

X Beyond the Frontier supplemental controls with Joy2Key

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If you read the article there will be a link to the control configuration I used. It requires, "Joy2Key" in order to get it to work.

If you read the article there will be a link to the control configuration I used. It requires, “Joy2Key” in order to get it to work.

I love the computer game known as, “X-Beyond the Frontier” it is an older game but amazing it is.

The game has to do with an experimental human ship, which ends up in the wrong part of the galaxy. (Actually, I don’t even know if I’m in the milky way galaxy at all! That’s how lost I am in this game.)

You start out very confused and in debt to reptilian creatures that are very nice.

No seriously…you owe them credits for how they repair your ship. And they want compensation. So you have to go out and buy low and sell high in order to repay your debt and continue on your merry way.

Although this game is designed for a casual joystick with only a few buttons and a keyboard. It is possible to get it working properly with an advanced flight stick like the Saitek X52 Flight Stick. As you can see from the video below, I’m using the X52 to control every aspect of the game so far, including the buying and selling of products…and communication with bases and trading ports.

Even though there are some tools that I haven’t attached or “bound” to my X52 controller, I’m waiting until I actually acquire those items in the game before I bind those keyboard controls to the flight stick. This way I don’t have a cluttered joystick with a lot to memorize.

CLICK HERE for a link to the Joy2Key configuration file that I made so far.

The file is called, xbeyond-joy2k.zip and if you unzip it, there will be a configuration file.

You will need version 5.2.1 of Joy2Key in order to properly use this configuration file (newer versions of the program may work. But I definitely recommend using version 5 if possible). If you are unsure what Joy2Key is and you want to learn more, I wrote an article on Joy2Key which goes into depth into the program. That article is available HERE.

joy2key is an awesome program that allows gamers to “Map” their preferred keyboard controls to specific buttons on a controller or joystick. In the case of X-Beyond the Frontier, there is a specific ship addon which allows a player to feel like he or she is traveling faster than her top speed which is called, SETA.

For some reason, this SETA (when purchased) is automatically mapped to the “E” button on the throttle portion of a Saitek X52 flight control stick. The problem is that the “E” button is very sensitive and it often clicks the SETA off and on repeatedly.

I mapped the “SETA” activation button to the small extra button on the throttle section of my X52. Being able to navigate through the trading screens without having to touch the PC keyboard makes the X-Beyond the Frontier experience much more immersive and enjoyable.

Check out the video below to see how much fun this is!



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