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October 18, 2017

Web Colors for Pixel Art

Filed under: Art and Fun — Tyler @ 3:58 pm

Other Colors: Semi-Primary
Subtle Yellow: RGB -> (230, 230, 0)

Mint Green = (18, 136, 7) ==> (R, G, B) – HEX ==> #128807
Saffron = (255, 153, 51) ==> (R, G, B)
Dark Blue – (0, 0, 136) ==> (R, G, B)

Colors for Metals:

Yellowish-Bronze for a sword hilt: #a19c01

Colors for Life Form Looking Flesh
*These could be good colors for Cyborb Mutant brain beings etc*

Darker Peach Colored Flesh: #C18448
Peach Colored Flesh: #f4973f
Peach Colored Flesh Highlight 1A: #e1aa75
Brain Dark Pink: #943232
Brain Medium Pink: #cb6464
Brain light pink: #af8c8c
Dark Vein Purple: #32133d
Medium Vein Purple: #583464
Lighter Vein Purple: $90659e


September 22, 2017

Double Memory Available now on Steam

Filed under: Gaming,Overidon News,Products for Sale — Tyler @ 2:14 am

Double Memory is now available on Steam.

It is 40% off for the first week. The sale end Sunday, September 24th, 2017.

After that Double Memory will be $0.99 USD.


This is the Memory game that you won’t be able to stop playing till you beat all 21 stages.

The game sounds simple:

Memorize the locations of cards then match card pairs.

Yet as the number of cards increase in subsequent stages, you’ll have to push your memory to make matches.

Inspired by 1990’s pre-rendered graphics and bulletin board games, Double memory focuses on casual gameplay and challenge.

Every level is separated into three stages.

After completing a warmup stage, you’ll be faced with Limited Attempts.

During Limited Attempts, three incorrect card matches will force you to try again. Don’t worry, there are as many continues as you need. The goal is to concentrate and quickly memorize card locations.

After beating a Limited Attempts stage, you’ll move onto Timed Attempts.

In a Timed Attempts stage, not only are you challenged with a maximum of two incorrect matches, but you also have only 25 seconds to complete all matches.

The first few stages will be easy, but as more cards are introduced into the mix, Double Memory becomes a real challenge.

You’re invited to push your memory to its limits in…Double Memory.

July 2, 2017

Math Formulas – Note Taking Techniques -Soft Spoken – ASMR

Filed under: ASMR — Tyler @ 7:01 pm

Math Formulas
Note Taking Techniques
Soft Spoken

Link to Math Formulas:

Math Formulas

February 12, 2017

ASMR – How to Crush Writer’s Block

Filed under: ASMR — Tyler @ 9:31 pm

Access Your own Mind…
Blocks to creativity as variables…
The path to creativity as a formula…
What other people or experience doesn’t need to be fair in comparison to your situation…
Making it Fair probably won’t benefit your art…
Samurai swords get a lot of T.L.C…

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