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October 18, 2017

Web Colors for Pixel Art

Filed under: Art and Fun — Tyler @ 3:58 pm

Other Colors: Semi-Primary
Subtle Yellow: RGB -> (230, 230, 0)

Mint Green = (18, 136, 7) ==> (R, G, B) – HEX ==> #128807
Saffron = (255, 153, 51) ==> (R, G, B)
Dark Blue – (0, 0, 136) ==> (R, G, B)

Colors for Metals:

Yellowish-Bronze for a sword hilt: #a19c01

Colors for Life Form Looking Flesh
*These could be good colors for Cyborb Mutant brain beings etc*

Darker Peach Colored Flesh: #C18448
Peach Colored Flesh: #f4973f
Peach Colored Flesh Highlight 1A: #e1aa75
Brain Dark Pink: #943232
Brain Medium Pink: #cb6464
Brain light pink: #af8c8c
Dark Vein Purple: #32133d
Medium Vein Purple: #583464
Lighter Vein Purple: $90659e


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