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June 1, 2016


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Helixian Armadulate Field Manual for Crystalline Lifeforms 001A

Armadulate Statistics, 
Characteristics and Ability designations are codified 
for the efficient acceptance and communication for members training, 
existing, exploring or on mission within or without Helixian approved territories.

Crystalline Lifeforms must at all times understand that their survival 
directly correlates to adaptability and understanding of both their internal and external environments.

As such, baseline survival standards will be discussed in CL.HA.FM.001A in detail.

Survival Baseline - Liquid Form.

The Liquid form provides significant regenerative, contemplative, 
and movement potential for Armadulate Arms on mission. 

Potentially, an Arm could be stranded on an Alien Planet, 
significantly wounded, have memories damaged and/or worse...and still survive in Liquid Form.

Liquid Form requires minimal energy input to sustain a state of long-term identity storage 
via encapsulation, partial petrification as well as adaptive circulation. 

Liquid Form also enables for the absorption of energy by consumption of ambient resources. 

Different Crystalline Lifeforms will require and desire specific nutrients to survive, 
these will depend on characteristic makeup of each Arm as well as the intended developmental patterns.

In Liquid Form, detection of Ambient Nutrients and Resources can occur with the aid of several systems, 
these include tendrils, osmotic barriers, 
and other systems developed or acquired on mission.

Liquid Form is extremely important to any Helixian Crystalline Lifeform due to surface area and density manipulation. 

Pockets of nutrients within the Arm as well as organelles both large and small 
can be moved and re-positioned within the liquid lifeform. 

The speed by which a Crystalline Life Form adjusts its density and 
organelle orientation is a function of bio-chemical dexterity and liquid agility. 

The Helixian Armadulate quantifies Liquidic Agility (la) as a function of 
organelle and bio-mass displacement (BMD) over time(t). 

Formulaically this is expressed as  [ la = BMD / t ].

A Crystalline Life Form or Arm of the Armadulate (Arm) with a high Liquidic Agility (la) index will be able to move 
quickly in a minimal yet non-asymptotic frictional environment. 

In fact (la) can only be indicative of Movement Speed when used in conjunction with other 
Arm Characteristics such as Bio-Wall manipulation and pseudopod versatility.


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