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May 4, 2016

General Apex – Shattered System

Filed under: Original Writing — Tyler @ 1:25 am

The room is dim, unclean, and musty.

Two monitors on standby rest upon a tattered wooden desk.

The light in the room comes from a red bulb next to the only door.

The door opens and the red bulb turns off.

A set of four surveillance cameras situated in each corner of the square room switch from standby to active tracking.

Each camera has three lenses, one for movement detection, one for light-oscillation analysis, and one for color sampling and focus.

The northwest and northeast cameras track a man as he enters the room. He is of small build and is wearing a large overcoat.

He removes his coat and puts it over a chair opposite to the monitors. Before sitting down, he opens a large footlocker-style refrigerator and removes two canned drinks and a tightly wrapped sandwich.

He puts the sandwich and one of the drinks down by the monitors. The remaining drink is immediately opened. Before taking a sip, he raises the beverage with a smile toward the cameras.

…to be continued…


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