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December 7, 2014

List of Games that are cool with Lets Play

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Link to list of Friendly Let's Play games and developers

Link to list of Friendly Let’s Play games and developers

Let’s clarify one thing real quick. Let’s Play’s and the whole genre of TWITCH and the watch people game thing…it’s still in its infancy.

Yes, it is becoming more main stream.Yes, it is very fun to see your friends game.

Yes, there are many entertaining people out there who are probably more entertaining than many main-line celebrities.

But also….

YES, not being careful can probably cause problems for people who are either: A. On YouTube and want to maintain a proper copyright standing. (no copyright infringement marks) or B…

YES, stepping into the light of Let’s Play could potentially adversely affect a website or a website monetization scheme if they abuse copyrighted content that is not friendly to Let’s Players.

So what’s the solution? Are you just going to not follow your dream of Sharing your gaming experiences with the world? OF COURSE NOT!

Thanks to my YouTube and real life homeboy of “Ducknuck84” we got a list of games and game companies that are friendly to Let’s Players.

Check out the link to letsplaylist.wikia.com by clicking HERE.

Be forewarned. Just because there is a list on the internet with a bunch of games on it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own research.
Remember, these game companies can change their Terms of Service at any time. So my recommendation is that you choose a “Green” company that is friendly to Let’s Players and then check out their Terms of Service links related to Let’s Play gamers. If the site seems legit and the game is interesting to you…it might be a good match.

Overidon.com does not give legal advice so use any content you find from your research at your own risk. I’m just trying to get the word out, because as a webmaster and someone whose YouTube Channel is doing decently (not massive but I seem to still be in good standing) I’ve been personally a little apprehensive about putting any content that I’m not 100% sure isn’t going to trip up my copyright standing.

For example, I always wanted to make Let’s Plays of Half Life 2. But I always ASSUMED that Valve wouldn’t let me monetize the content. To my surprise, Valve seems to be Let’s Play friendly after I searched around that Wiki that I mentioned earlier. I found a link to their respective information at the link which you can see by clicking HERE. So it seems that after reading their YouTube agreement that Valve would actually be OK with a Half Life 2 Let’s Play…I had no idea. That goes to show that proper research trumps assumption every time.

Another thing that I want to mention before you go bust out your Fraps and your Webcam (O.x) is that this is definitely uncharted territory for digital media content creators. Some people are having their Twitch feeds, “muted” because certain streams are playing copyrighted music in the background. That’s a tricky situation due to sonic tagging. As a general rule of thumb, it seems that people who listen to original music or copyright free music during their feeds tend to have an easier time. Turning on Pandora isn’t necessarily going to get a Twitch feed muted…but it could. This is especially true if any of that music is audible during the feed or the YouTube video. Remember, even small levels of audio can trigger a copyright violation so be careful and have fun!

Happy gaming!


PS: Thanks again to Ducknuck84 who is a pro at this indie/Let’s play gaming community information. This article wouldn’t be possible without his input.





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