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February 2, 2014

Symbolic Concentration and Idolatry

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Here at Overidon.com we have a major choice.

With the advent of Tyler’s skills in both 3D Computer Art and also computer programming, we can now begin to create advanced products.

These products will range from the ornate and spiritual…to the coveted and the arcane. But where is the line?

Where does one draw the line between sculptures and trinkets meant to let the mind focus and relax?

When does a knick-knack become a tool for idolatry?

Those who know Tyler Jaggers already know that he is an eccentric Catholic with influences and interests in Buddhism, Ancient Sumerian art and mythology, Qabbalistic teachings as well as Euclidean geometry.

He feels that the Old Testament teaching of the golden calf makes perfect sense in this situation. When the chosen tribe was faced with fear and despair, some of them chose to melt down their golden jewelry and other trinkets in order to create a golden calf.

This golden calf was not a tool for them to worship their already chosen God. It was an alternative idol in order for them to worship a different god who they felt might bring them favor in their troubled time.

In this type of situation, would Tyler consider this idolatry?

The real question would be, were they praying through the calf? Or were they praying TO the calf?

Since this blog post is not a scholarly article on ancient Hebrew texts, let us for the sake of argument say that it is not historically clear one way or the other.

From the perspective of Tyler Jaggers, if the tribe chose a new god, and simply prayed to that god with the focusing assistance of the calf…then the calf was not idolatry, because it was just a symbolic medium for communication.

But if the tribe actually prayed to the calf as if the sculpture itself had divine power, then in all likelihood they were engaging in idolatry.

So this brings us back to the original question. Where do we draw the line as a provider of solutions, and a business?

It is the perspective of Tyler Jaggers and the official direction of Overidon.com that the American people are mature enough to acquire jewelry, knick-knacks, sculptures, and other 3D media without engaging in idolatry.

Our company and our investors want to give our customers the choice of new products which go beyond simple music and text entertainment. It is our desire to fulfill these consumer needs.

Therefore it is important that our viewers, subscribers and customers understand that these new products are being constructed with sensitivity, skill and respect. Overidon.com affirms that we are here for our customers and every construction although they may seem controversial, are made to satisfy specific consumer needs.





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