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November 19, 2013

Vector Guide Download for Blender or Graphic Designers

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Vector Guides click the image to download zip file

Vector Guides click the image to download zip file

As you may have read in my previous post, using programs like Adobe Illustrator to make vector guides can be useful in graphic design. If you click on the image to the left, or if you click HERE, you can download some of our vector guides.

In order to use these guides, you’ll need either:

1. “Adobe Illustrator” for the .svg files and .ai files

2. “Blender” or another major 3D art program for the .svg and/or .stl files.

Other programs can open .svg files but Illustrator and Blender are the recommend programs.

Here are some common Frequently Asked Questions I receive when discussing 3D art and Vector art:

Q: Do you use numerology when creating sacred geometry or vector guides?

A: I don’t use numerology. But I find that basing vector guides on prime numbers 5 and higher tends to yield better results.

Q: How does one make their own sacred geometry? I thought is was supposed to be sacred and thus on a proverbial pedestal.

A: All sacred geometry is…is creating structures, either virtual or physical with a keen eye for proportion.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you take the triangle guide above and look that the larger triangle, one will see the sides of the triangle are split at their midpoints. By adding another line connecting those midpoints, we create another smaller triangle. But both triangles are proportional to each other. Thus this makes a good guide because vector graphics allows us to infinitely scale the guides to become larger or smaller. Sacred geometry is focusing more on proportion than actual numbers. People will find numbers on their own, concepts like cubits and the like are all based on proportions as opposed to actual numerical measurements like inches or meters.

Q: If these guides are so good, then why distribute them for free?

A: Easy, Blender is distributed for free. Adobe illustrator is now being distributed for a very low price compared to the product value as part of a bundle called, Adobe Creative Cloud. Distributing guides like these are just an easy way to begin to reciprocate and give back to the graphic arts community.

Q: What is that link again for the vector guides?

A: http://overidon.com/outbox/vectorguides.zip

Q: Have there been any updates to these guides?

A: Yes on July 1st, 2014 – 3 new guides became available. The link is HERE: http://overidon.com/outbox/guides_7_1_2014.zip


PS: Here’s a video describing the guides in use for a specific function. Remember, you can use .SVG guides for anything you want, not just for 3D art projects.



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