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May 22, 2012

A sneek peek into The Sometime Boys – Ice and Blood

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Sometime Boys

The Sometime Boys: Ice and Blood - New Album coming soon! Click the picture to visit their Facebook page for details!

The Sometime Boys are at it again with their latest album, Ice and Blood which will be available soon in CD format everywhere. Having been a longtime friend of Sarah Mucho whom is one of the superstars of the ensemble, I was able to get a sneek peek into this jovial and sometimes haunting 11-Track masterpiece.

This album has more variety over its predecessor, Any Day Now which had primarily folk energy flowing throughout the tracks. Ice and Blood takes the listener on a more emotional roller coaster and truly gets your heart moving.

The entire album is excellent but I’d like to take some time to discuss my favorite songs on Ice and Blood. The songs, “The Good People of Brooklyn” and “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” are both soulful and thought provoking. Mucho’s vocals on Brother Can you Spare a Dime gives the listener a flashback to a time in our nation’s history when times were very tough…not unlike today, where the only certainty for tomorrow is the fact that no one can predict what will happen next. Times may be tough, but music like this makes us think about what is most important. The connections people have with each other and also the strength to admit when things are getting bad are evoked by this music. It’s phenomenal.

The second half of Ice and Blood emits different styles and emotions with each track. “Drop by Drop” is a song which shares a refrain that has no bounds. The mix of spiritual organ chords and relaxed drums gives the perfect setting for a beautiful reminiscence.

Without a doubt, the song, “Teardrop” takes the listener on a grounding and slamming mind-expanding voyage. The combination of soulful piano chords and unrelenting guitar licks quite literally rock the insides of the listener. These instruments set the stage for two complimentary voices. By combining male and female vocal parts into “Teardrop” the band manages to create an epic track which is something one would expect to hear in a blockbuster film or high-quality television series like, “Firefly.”

Ice and Blood is a full-length album of 48 minutes and 36 seconds. The two covers on the album which I identified are, “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” and “Mother Nature’s Son.” It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the Beatles version of “Mother Nature’s Son” or if you like the Gryphon version. The Sometime Boys do a sensual job on the number and it is aurally enlightening to say the least.

As an audiophile I was impressed and enchanted by the audio-production quality and mastering of the album. It sounds darn good. I’m listening to it on my studio monitors right now and the spread and depth simply rocks. This music sounds different from what what you’re listening to right now because it’s both original and full of vitality.

Check out The Sometime Boys on Facebook by clicking HERE!

Or go directly to their preview of the album, Ice and Blood on Soundcloud by clicking HERE.



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