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August 13, 2011

Slickdeals = Value town on the Web

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Value Town - Seal of Approval

The Official Seal of Value Town

There are several websites that I use to find value town deals. I’m going to share my favorite – slickdeals. The site is created and visited by value towners like myself. If you read the comment posts in some of the threads, that value town mentality becomes very apparent.

Slickdeals is a website I refresh at least 5 times daily. Deals are so hot sometimes, they are often gone shortly after making front page. I’ve memorized my credit card to speed up the purchasing process just because I’ve had a deal in my cart become “no longer available” when trying to finalize a purchase. The site works by using the power of the user community. Users post deals they find to be good and other users rate that deal with either a thumbs up or thumbs down. Posts with enough thumbs up will be flagged for a moderator to review. If the deal is confirmed by a moderator to be an extraordinaire deal, it is moved to the front page. Essentially, only best deals are on the front page. Every thumbs up a user receives for a post is saved on his or her account as “reputation”. Having a high reputation is mainly just bragging rights, but there is a daily giveaway that works like a raffle. Every reputation score you have is how many tickets you have, giving you a better chance to winning that day’s prize. My favorite thing about slickdeals as opposed to other deal websites is that since the deals are found by the community, there is large variety in deal offerings. Some deal sites, like Spoofee seem to be run by a single or small group of moderators that find and post deals.  The categories of deals they have tend to cater to a broader audience; so it’s somewhat difficult finding a deal for something particular, like a hotel deal at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  Slickdeals also has a search bar you can use to find a specific deal you are looking for. In fact, I’ve been in Hawaii this week for work and I needed some Hawaiian shirts. I saw Macy’s nearby and after a quick slickdeal search for “Macy’s,” I found out they are having a 25% off $100 or more deal this weekend. That worked perfectly as Hawaiian shirts run about $75-125 each.

My recommendation is before buying any deal, read the comments section first. Users are are usually very good about commenting about the product or vendor. Saving cash buying a poor product from an online vendor with a bad reputation is obviously not a slick deal. So next time you’re looking to buy something, check out slickdeals. It’s value town certified!



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  1. Great info!

    Comment by Tyler — August 14, 2011 @ 5:01 pm

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