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Overidon Pixel Tools

Overidon Pixel Tools

Available on Google Play Store

Create Pixel Art on your Android Tablet or Phone

Download Overidon Pixel Tools for Android

Double Memory

Double Memory Available now

Double Memory is ready for Purchase on Steam

Achievements and better compatability on its way.

Purchase your copy of Double Memory on Steam!

Overidon News

Double Memory available now on Steam

Concentration-style game Double Memory by Overidon Omnimedia available for purchase.

Steamworks Achievements Active

Implementing Steamworks Acheivements for Double Memory was a success. Users can now attempt to acquire 7 steam achievements by playing Double Memory.

About Us

Founded in 2003, Overidon Omnimedia started as a simple fan page for a video game known as "Amazing Tater." It also showcased independant artists and their animations.

Now Overidon Omnimedia is an Application Development company and Consulting Firm.

With properietary titles such as Overidon Pixels Tools and 3rd party Applications such as Donkey Levels, Overidon Omnimedia pushes forward as being leaders in low-overhead application development.